Summer Hacktown

PORDENONE August 31 – September 2

About the Hackathon

Hack, engage and mobilize Pordenone! Summer Hacktown 2023 is a special summer event that aims to collect the most disruptive ideas by the youngest and turn them into reality, throughout technological progress and the evolution of our society. The hackathon is organized by Polo Tecnologico Alto Adriatico and the University of Udine, thanks to their partnership in the European REGINNA 4.0 project co-funded by EIT, with the strong collaboration of the Consorzio Universitario of Pordenone.

The challenge

Explore the concept of Society 5.0, a human centric system that aims to balance economic progress and social problems, by integrating virtual and physical spaces.

Design and develop a product/service/prototype for the Energy Park of the Ex-Tomadini Area, a place that will be meant for and managed by young people. The project of the hackathon should feature 4 focal topics:

  1. Technology and sustainability
  2. Digital socialization, society design and Society 5.0
  3. Tourism 4.0
  4. Artificial Intelligence

The prizes

The prizes will be awarded in the form of vouchers, redeemable at an authorized dealer for the purchase of technological goods. You will be able to choose any type of product in the shop, from laptops to hoovers!

1st prize 2.500€
2nd prize 1.500€
3rd prize 1.000€

The full amount of the prizes is intended for the whole group, not for its single members.

Earn credits!

Completing the hackathon will allow university students to receive an EIT-labeled certificate that might be redeemed for ECTS credits at their University.


When and where

Summer Hacktown 2023
will take place from
August 31 to September 2,
at the Consorzio Universitario of Pordenone, in Via Prasecco 3/A.

Who is eligible?

  1. University and post-diploma professional school (ITS) students
  2. High school graduates already enrolled for the 2023-2024 academic year of University or ITS
  3. Recent University or ITS graduates

Important information

DEADLINE The application deadline is Wednesday, August 30.

You will need your laptop and all the materials you normally use when brainstorming/designing (e.g. notepad, pens).

You will (maybe!) sleep on location; take with you all the basic supplies (e.g. sleeping bag, personal hygiene products, phone/laptop charger).


Let’s party!

On Friday, September 1, we will wind down, networking, eating, dancing and having fun. The party will be held at the Consorzio Universitario from 19:00 to 24:00, and will feature animation, a dj set, soft drinks, beers and a food truck, with pizza provided by our kind partner Roncadin.

Remember: the entire hackathon
will be held in English!

Learn more
about the complete
hackathon rules.


Master of ceremonies

Federico Vitiello
Digital Strategist, Growth Hacker

The jury

Simone Puksic
Direttore Generale CGN

Franco Scolari 
Direttore Polo Tecnologico

Marco Santonocito
Chief Product & Technology
Officer @ Testbusters

Angelica Ferretti
Eurodesk Mobility Advisor

Jessica Parutto
Purchasing Project Manager, Electrolux Group + Organizer & Curator TEDxPordenone

Paolo Ganis
Co-founder & CEO Vitesy

Beatrice Maestri
Open Innovation Manager @ Electrolux

The prizes

The prizes are voucher for the purchase of technological goods from an authorized dealer:

The full amount of the prizes are intended for the whole group, not for the single members.

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    The organizer

    REGINNA 4.0 is an European project managed by a consortium consisting of renowned research institutions in diverse deep tech fields, and co-financed by the (EIT) European Institute of Innovation & Technology. It aims at creating a collaborative ecosystem focused on Nanotechnology, Industry 4.0, and Innovation and Entrepreneurship.


    Summer Hacktown 2023 is hosted by the Consorzio Universitario of Pordenone, in partnership with the University of Udine and the Polo Tecnologico Alto Adriatico, both full partners of the REGINNA 4.0 project.